Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Do you know you can send money from your acct to any acct via sms?? - Gtbank Introduces SMS Mobile Transfer

I always tell people that Guarantee Trust Bank remains the only Bank worth banking with in Nigeria,  they are always first when it comes to innovation.

Have you ever thought of the day you wil bank without Internet access??  Well here it is.. First of its kind, banking without internet… no more long hours of queue waiting to send money to your favorite relatives or friends in the bank ; even God knows that I hate Queuing unnecessarily in the bank. GTB just introduced first of its kind SMS transfer called *737* Transfer.

*737* Transfer is a mobile channel which enables GTBank customers conveniently perform third party transfers to both GTBank and other bank account holders in Nigeria, via the mobile phones, by simply dialing the USSD short code *737 with
details of the amount and account number (NUBAN) of the beneficiary.

To Transfer to GTBank Account
==>Simply dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account No# e.g.
*737*1*1000*1234567890# from the mobile number registered with the Bank. (This is accessible using all types of mobile devices).
==>Then use the last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to authenticate each transaction.
To Transfer to Other Banks
==>Simply dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account No# e.g.
*737*2*1000*1234567890# from your mobile phone. (This is accessible using all types pf mobile devices).
==>Then use the last four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to authenticate each transaction.
I’m sure you know what this means if you are a banker, it means some of you may loose your Jobs because machines has just replaced manual counting (humans).

Do you know that MTN has recently Introduced a new tarrif plan with which you can call all ntw with just 11kobo/sec??- MTN True Talk +

Not long a go i made a post pertaining to MTN Better talk plan which gives 200% bonus upon recharge which has been awesome all the way.  Well Etisalat joined suite by introducing Easy life 4.0 which allow you to call all network at 11kb/ per seconds, and I saw the package as awesome as well.

Nearly few hrs after etisalat Introduced its 4.0 11k/s plan to all network, mtn then upgraded its true talk tariff plan to match with Etisalat Easy life and it is called MTN True Talk Plus.

MTN True Talk Plus allows you to call all network in Nigeria at 11 kobo per second, 20kb to UK, USA, India, Canada and China with a daily charge access
fee of N5 only.

How Can I Migrate to This Package?
==>dial *123*20#

For now, MTN Better talk and True talk+ with Etisalat Easy life 4.0 seems to be the cheapest among others.

This just what i love most when there are various key prayers in the industry, it allows for competition which in turn favors the consumers!

Etisalat Introduced a new Android 2gig plan for #2000

Not too long ago, mtn introduced its new data plan titled mtn better me, with a 2015mb for just #2015, well Etisalat NG has now followed the suite by introducing an Android Data Bundle.

You can now get Etisalat 2GB of data bundle with N2000.  it promises to give Android users a lot more options to opt for in their quest for data for their Android devices and also it will be a better option for iPhone and PC users who has a good Etisalat GPRS network in their locality.

How To Subscribe For Etisalat Android Bundle of 2GB

1. Load your Etisalat SIM with N2,000
2. Dial *229*2*8#
3. You will be given 2GB, which can be used on any device (iPhone, BB10, Windows phone, Tablet, PC etc.)

This new bundle which gives 2GB for just N2,000 is synonymous to mtn better me 2015mb for #2015.

Well i just hope to see the day we subscribe for 40gig @ #2000. Lolz

Dial *200# and press 3 for more
information about Etisalat data plans.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to unbrick Tecno M3 Using Kesler custom rom

Good day to you all.  This particular post is for those who by one means of the other got their Tecno M3 bricked, as you get to recover your device back buh am afraid all files installed will be lost.

Before i proceed, it is very important to know if your Tecno M3 has an already installed CWM and hope its a rooted device.

Without much talk,  There's this particular rom, which might help you recover your bricked Tecno M3.

Team Hovatek released Keslar custom ROM for its Tecno M3 users some months ago, so this custom rom so far has received lots of Testimonies so i decided to share due to demands.


* Android 4.2.9.
* Customized UI, icons and Sounds.
* Reverse engineered to work on Tecno M3 (and maybe Tecno S3 if you flash the original S3 boot.img
after flashing the ROM).
* Optimized for better WI-FI / wireless connection.
* Optimized for faster browsing on mobile networks.
* Optimized for faster boot, response and isolates lagging apps.
* Optimized for lower rate of power consumption (longer battery life).
* Optimized VM Heap size (balances apps RAM requirement with smooth hardware functioning).
* Hardware acceleration (reduces CPU time of CPU consuming tasks).
* Improved voice call quality.
* Optimized Internel and External storage I/O (increased read / write speeds and faster mouting / unmounting).
* Deodexed and Zipaligned apps to enable smooth tweaking.
* Improved picture and video recording quality .
* Improved picture and video rendering on screen. and more....

How to flash :

Download and save Kesler to the root of your SD card. Note do note extract Download here :


1. Enure your device is Rooted. Tecno Device 
2. Copy the Keslar ROM to your memory card and boot your phone into recovery mode (switch off the phone then press Volume increase button + power button and keep holding both down )
3. Select Flash zip or install zip from SD card
4. Select the Keslar ROM then click Yes to confirm.

Wait some minutes while it flash. Once successful restart and enjoy. 

# Bug fixes:
If you keep seeing Android is upgrading even after installing the Custom ROM then :
* go to play store, download and Install a Root Explorer like Root explorer, ES file manager or ROM toolbox lite
* Go to System > apps
* Delete Makah Madinah Live Wallpapers.apk
* Restart the phone

Done!!  We love to hear from you!!

Kindly drop your feedback. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

MTN Beta talk : Enjoy 200% bonus on recharge of #100

MTN is at it again with its killer prepaid tarrif plan,  with MTN Beta talk customers get rewarded with 200% bonus airtime on every recharge of N100 and above. In other words, you will get 3 times the value of your recharge on this package. 

Buh i must confess, it equally has its turn off with the very high call rate of N24/minute (40k/sec) from the customer’s bonus and main accounts. 

All National calls, SMS and Data will be charged from the customer’s main account as soon as the bonus airtime is exhausted or expires.

All MTN Prepaid customers can migrate to MTN Beta Talk tariff plan.
Well if you are the type that makes lots of call and recharge daily i will recommend this as it can be beneficial to those who make alots of calls.
Benefits of the plan
==>You will be rewarded with 200% bonus airtime on every recharge of N100 and above.
==>The bonus airtime will only be valid for 7 days.
==> The bonus airtime will be available for national calls, national SMS and PAYG data.
==>10MB data when customers recharge with N100.00 airtime or more.
==> The data bonus will be awarded only once a week. (I.e. on first recharge of N100 & above, subsequent eligible recharges in the same week will not attract a 10MB data bonus.
==>The data bonus will be valid for 7 days from the time
How do i Migrate?
Simply dial *123*2*6# or text BT to 131
It is new! It is fresh! Its all your need to talk endlessly without thinking of low airtime.
Always remember to Bookmark the site for more information.

How to Browse Unlimited with MTN On Android Device using OpenVPN

Sup friends,  and my wonderful readers,  sorry it seems i left my blog for a very long time before update,  i just have been so busy with lots of stuff.

Well you read the Topic right, here today its an article on How you can browse unlimited with your MTN using OpenVPN on Android.

Now, you should know it doesn't require much from you, or any tweaking skills, all you need to know is how to actually navigate round your device.

Let's quickly run through what you need in order to enjoy this.
1. An MTN sim with subscribed MTN BIS subscription
2. An Android device with already installed OpenVPN.
You scared???  Don't worry oo.. I wil provide you with full details.
Before we proceed, it will be wise you download the required OpenVPN and its server file.

Download both OpenVPN connect and its server fill using the link below.
Next step afterwards
Open the Server file in zip you downloaded, to open zo p files you either download XPLORE or any other zip manager from Play Store. Now carefully copy the content in this zip to a folder within your SD card , "both the file in habie.ovpn and that haibe.text" copy both to a folder you can easily locate in your SD card. 

Once this is done now you can subscribe for the MTN BIS
#70 : BBLITED to 21600 ( daily) 3gig
#100: BBMIDID to 21600 ( daily) unlimited #350: BBLITEW to 21600 (weekly) unlimited
#1000: BBLITEM to 21600 ( month)  unlimited

Next step afterwards :
Launch OpenVPN Connect or OpenVPN for android, click on options and select "import", now choose "import profile from sd card" then locate the config file(s) you have just copied to your device then click on Select to allow OpenVPN Connect or OpenVPN for android to save the profile.
I Believe you access point settings is that of default settings sent from mtn, now what's left is for you to click Connect...

Note It is very important as I stated correctly that you should open the .text in the folder you extracted, then edit, and change the password to the current one posted on the blog or the current one posted in the link above and re import the server. From my observations, OpenVPN changes the Password every 7 days,  and if am right it falls on every Tuesday,  don't be scared the password is free and very easy to get.  All you have to do is to 

visit :

Once this is done, scroll a bit down, and copy the new pswd, now open the folder you saved openvpn server, and edit the text file,  all you need do is delete the existing password and carefully Paste the new Password, then save and re import the server..

Username: vpnbook
Password: sege7hEh

How do i know when the password has been changed??? well thats a very good question, as i stated earlier that from my observations, it seems every tuesday the pswd got changed, so on attempt to connect the openvpn severally and it fails to connect, then you should visit the site above for comfirmation of the Passowrd,
Enjoy while it last.. Check below for the pictorial review of the Openvpn and its server file upon extraction.
Don't forget to Bookmark the site for more information.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Site To Download Movies Online

Have you been searching the net for a particular site to download your favourite HOLLYWOOD MOVIE, TV SERIES or perhaps HD MOVIES?? 

Then the search is sure over, i have some trusted sites which I make use of to download any of the Hollywood Movie or TV series movies i feel like watching.  So i decided to share with you so as to equally enjoy.

First on my list is: here you sure can download the very latest Hollywood movies as they drop.

Second on my list : here you get to download latest Tv series movies as they drop

And finally on my list :here you get to download latest HD HOLLYWOOD MOVIES as they equally drop

Oh you wondering or thinking with what plan do i make use of??  Am and Android user who loves to download lots of movies when less busy so i make use of a little tweaking unlimited mtn data on Android works on Android and pc only. Thou i can't assure its gonna work forever oo.. Buh as at the time of post, its blazing hot, so You wanna join me on the unlimited train??  Check here or

Thanks and God bless!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Get Airtel Free 2GIG Worth of Data

It is still the season of free data as telecommunication companies woo their subscribers with freebies.

Latest on queue is Airtel Ng who just re-introduced some blocked offers. Andriod users have being lucky as they can tweak their IMEI to get Free Data as they desire.

But do you know, you don't need to go through the stress of IMEI tweaking to get between 500MB to 3GB? Interesting, is'nt it?

Now what you need to do to get your free data : From your Airtel line, Just send "join to 141" The data is valid for a month and can be used on all data enabled devices.

How do we check the mb that is remaining then? Dial *123*133#


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Get The Most Cheapest MTN & ETISALAT DATA

Thank God the election is over, and its now business as usual.

Do you know with just #1,400 you can get Etisalat 1gig of DATA??? Likewise with Just #1,200 you sure can Get MTN 1GIG DATA.

NOTE: its not a cheat and its very legit and all data valid for 30days, it might also interest you to know that you can roll over un used data, i.e if your data is due to expire in 2days time,  and you have few more mb left,  you can order for a new one, while you still get a 30days expire date while your unused data will be added to your newly bought data. 

Samintegrity Inc. brings you the most affordable and the most cheapest data plan,  it works on all Internet enabled device.

This just a few out of the services we provide,  we are equally into Website Design and Development, Website Management and not to forget Building Design Plans.

That's just a little digression from the topic,  now back to the main topic

How to request for any of this DATA plans

Payment via Our GTBank or Via recharge card.  Bank payment for Etisalat #1,300 while For Mtn #1,200

Payment to Our GTBank

ACCOUNT :0114416660


For Payment via card : MTN (#1,300)  and  ETISALAT (#1,400)  text us the Pin or you transfer the card to 08068212790 including the number with which the data should be sent to.


"Data request 1gig
Send data to 0806821...."

Within 5mins of payment your data will be sent to you,  unless in cases where we are faced with NTW problem which usually occurs 8:30pm-11pm.. In times like this,  your data might be delayed till 11pm. i.e if you making an order or payment within the hrs of 8:30pm runs through 10:30pm.


MTN : *461*7#

ETISALAT : *229*9#

For enquiry call or whatsapp: 08068212790 

Bbm : 74E3E63C

Thanks and God Bless!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Well i guess this post is for many dudes out there who have been soo pissed with the fact that their darling MTN BIS got blocked buh also waiting patiently to get an update on any new development.
Well guess what its blazing again with a new method, buh i will suggest you try it out with #100.



While MTN BIS was blocked MTN BBMIDID still rock so well on Android or PC. You won’t have any problem with this so long you’ve used Simple server or Troidvpn before.
"As I am talking to you, I have downloaded 1.8GB file on the internet and I’m still testing it. Though they sent me a message that this package is just 15MB but I doubt… and I like this kind of doubt because it is a profitable doubt." :-Prof.
How Can I Get MTN BBMID Working ON Android And PC?
==>Load your mtn sim with N100
==>Send BBMIDID to 21600
You’ll receive a message welcoming you to MTN BBMIDID and your have 15MB . Just ignore it.
Your simple server settings still maintain no changes what this means is that if probably you have tampered with the header on your Troidvpn or simpleserver just change it back to 
Same thing goes for Android users and PC users. Don’t wait to be told, download all you can download in Gb’s.


The settings hasn't changed as before

P. S: But you can try out due to
massive traffic on the older one.


STEPS. .. 
**Recharge your mtn line with 100 naira

** Send the code  BBMIDID to 21600 as a text message
and You’ll receive a message welcoming you to
MTN BBMIDID and that you have been credited
with 15MB.

Just ignore it and open Your simple server
settings and make sure it's still that old mtn bis
settings with "" no change.

*Go to simple server and configure the settings:

Proxy host:

Proxy Port: 8080

Injection Method: get

Injection query/url:

Injection Host:

Injection line: press your enter key 4 times

Log level: debug

Close the settings and click the connect
you can download anything you want
unlimitedly for 24hrs with the one day plan
when it
elapses it will cost you just 100 naira to reactivate the plan.
Shortcode  for Activating is BBCDAY to 21600.

NOTE: Some apps like Whatsapp  and the rest may fail to work with Simpleserver,  so in order to avoid that we introduce the Autoproxy lite app to bypass the restriction. .

Download the Autoproxy from playstore  or here :AutoProxy

 Configure as below:

Once that is done you can have every single one of your apps blazing at the speed of light. .. Lol..  Best of luck and ooops by the way.. Ensure you don't have extra credit on your fone  before trying it out cos it might get deducted to zero but works well thereafter *winks* so as to avoid stories that touches.. lol. 

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