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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Latest mtn pc browsing cheat

Thou this has been on for a while now and I can't say when its gonna get blocked buh all i know is its blazing hot and am currently enjoying it,  i download files up to 3gig daily and all i needed is just mtn bis with the work of a particular vpn.  However you can use this with 'Tunnel guru' or ;pdproxy;

Now let's do this. How Can I Subscribe To MTN BIS Plan?

I’ll suggest you try it with BBCDAY. If you are satisfy with the result, you can try it out on weekly or monthly basis.

MTN BBC Daily plan costs #100. To Subscribe Text bbcday
to 21600 or Dial *216*1*1# (3gig)

MTN BBC Weekly plan costs #500. To Subscribe Text
bbcweek to 21600 or Dial *216*1*2# (data size not determined)

MTN BBC Monthly plan costs #1,000. To Subscribe Text
bbc to 21600 or Dial *216*1*3#(3gig)

For Tunnel Guru Users, Configure it below
==>Download the latest Tunnelguru version 2.8.2 here

==>Make sure you have installed javaruntime on your PC if this is your first time of using tunnelguru on your system

==>Open and configure the Tunnelguru as follows

Server: Choose Demo (if you are a free user) Choose any other Server location (if you are a Premium user)
Rport: 80
Lport: 0
User: Tunnelguru username
Password: Tunnelguru password
Protocol: TCP

Leave every other thing the way they are.


Download the latest version here for an acct.  Once this done follow the steps below

Proto Option
TCP port 80
parent proxy-
port 8080
Header- Host: web.blackberry.com
APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net




you free vpn acct is what you will be given whichis rrestricted to 100mb daily buh to upgrade to premium in other to browse unlimitedly contact us for more, information :08068212790

Cost just #1000 for upgrading.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mtn blazing hot on Android

So sorry for my late update,  well my blog have been so quiet and that's because have been working tirelessly on studies..

Hope my apology is accepted.

Now to the news,  well if you aren't enjoying this i say you missing,  as mtn bis is currently blazing real hot on Android,  i bet you would be glad when your Android comes back to life.

Mind you mtn bis day gives 3gig same as the monthly subscription. So if i were you and i gat some files i wanna download i would recommend you sub. The bbcday and on you go.

How to setup Troid VPN with MTN Bis

Subscribe to MTN Monthly Bis - Text BBC to 21600 cost #1000 OR
MTN Bis daily- Text Bbcday to 21600 cost #100 OR
MTN Bis weekly- Text Bbcweek to 21600 cost #500

Pls kindly go to Google playstore to download Troidvpn. Then set your default sim APN to web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

Follow the screenshots below to set TroidVPN

Mind you at Rport input 80 while lport remains 0.

Click Advance and. Tick use proxy for TCP connection

Proxy host:
proxy port: 8080
Header custom- host:web.blackberry.com

Save and connect. Zooommmmmm. You good to go.. Mind you the free user gives 120mb free daily incase you wanna upgrade to premium to download almost everything.  Give us a call on 08068212790. Price just #700.

Just incase its Droidvpn you love most then same settings applied download Droidvpn at Google playstore then register for an acct at Droidvpn.com then kindly follow the Droidvpn setting screen shot below. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Buy MTN cheapest data bundle


250MB for #500 or mtn #600 airtime

500MB for #900 or mtn #1000 airtime

1GB for #1500 or mtn #1700 airtime

2GB for #2500 or mtn #2700 airtime

3GB for #3500

4GB for #4500

5GB for #5500
10GB for #10,500

Dial *461*7# to know your SME DATA BALANCE

Each Subscription is  valid for ONE MONTH

The data can be used on any device including Android, iPhone, tablet, iPad, laptop, BB10, nokia, Lumia, Windows, etc

Whatsapp/call 08068212790
Or ping: 74E3E63C

Bank account

Name :Oyegoke Samuel dare
Account :0114416660
bank : GTBANK

Once payment is done send the sender name and your preferred number for data to 08068212790.  You will receive your data within 5mins.

Pls note that this is legitimate and it is not part of any free browsing package.

Thanks and God bless.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GTB - The Easiest Way of Recharging Your Mobile

Do you know that with just a few click without any internet access or que at the ATM machine you can easily recharge your line?? Well I doubt you do.

Few weeks ago GTB launched one of the easiest way of recharging your line in what I call ABC of fuelling your phone by simply dialing a code.

You can now recharge as much as #5k directly from your GTB bank account by dialing *737*amount#.

This services seems to be one of the fastest way so far I’ve ever used to recharge my mobile online.

It’s only available for MTN, Airtel & Etisalat network. Mind you, that GTB also operate #0.0 account balance

Well are you still there?? You still don't gat an acct with the leading bank? Then walk up to any GTBank closest to you to open an acct of your own and enjoy endless possibilities with GTBank!

Airtel Android Data Plans (AIS)

Without much doubt, the prayer we once prayed sometimes ago is beginning to come to reality. Few months ago, we seriously anticipate the arrival of AIS
(Android Internet Service) from various network but today, Airtel seems to be topping the chart for AIS. Thou this Airtel AIS has been for some weeks now, so sorry I brought it to you somehow late. Am most times hooked with some stuffs. 

Airtel AIS I know is going to make a lot of sense to a lot of Android users and it's going to prompt other network to arise from their slumber because they won't want to loose customers.

How Can I Check Airtel AIS?
Dial *141*1# and you'll see Android plan. Click on the android plan, monthly and it will display with this options below;

Airtel 2GB #2000
Airtel 3GB Night plan #2,500
4.5GB plan #3,500.

This plan works on all android phones. Now, when you make a post on FB, you'll see via Android internet Service.

Buh my problem with airtel is that even on 3G it can be soo annoying! Buh for those that have a good and stable network coverage can and will enjoy this. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014




  We bring good news to all Android mtn users, this to inform you all that we offer you the cheapest android internet subscription, very affordable and very reliable valid for 30days
What we do is we purchase huge amount of data legally from the network provider, then we resell at a very cheaper price.

Imagine you are to subscribe an mtn #1300 for just 350mb, but here we are sayin no to that as we bring you 1gig of data for just #1500, imagine how many 350mb you can get in this, and how much its gonna cost you. 

      This 1gig goes for just #1500 and you are rest assured of the best internet spEed ever.1gig:#1500 per month. It works on all Android and even on any device of your choice, be it pc or mobile device. Or even nokia lumia.

   You don't have to be scared as this valid for 30days and trust us you can sure resubscribe with us and your unused data would be roll over to your new sub. That's if you are having any data left while you re subscribe again with us. 

  Note that payment are made via our GTBank. We are also working on bringing other networks cheap 1gig data for you at #1500. 

Pls note once payment Is made send us sender name and teller no to 08068212790. As you will receive your 1gig data within 5mins of text.

Name: Oyegoke samuel dare
Acct no: 0114416660
Bank : GTBank

For more enquiry contact: 08068212790 
Whatsapp: 08068212790
Bbm: 28151CC2

Proudly Samintegrity Inc. 
Thanks and God bless.