How to create RSS FEED on your website

uage>en-us</languRSS Means really simple defines an easy way to share and view updated content on your can be updated automatically Its very useful especially if u update ur website very frequently..u placed all ur site updates in the feed so that viewer can connect to them easily.pls take a look at the feeds on this site,get a better understanding of wat i'm saying,RSS is written in XML..rules of xml.....all elements (1)must have a closing tags (2)are case sensitive (3)must be properly nested (4)attribute values must always be nested Basic tags that all rss document must contain:<item>,<title>,<description>,<link>.<item> this tag shows a particular headline or topic.<title> this tag tells us the title of the topic.<description> this tag contains description of the topic.<link> this tag contains the url of the topic <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?><rss version="2.0"><channel><title>bbc news feed</title><description>latest news on the bbc</description><link></link><item><title>terror suspect</title><description>terror suspect abdumutallab appears in court today</description><link></link></item></channel></rss> Note:you can create up fifteen <item> in your rss document and you must save the document with the extensiom .xml Optional child element of <channel> (1.)<category>it makes it possible for rss aggregators to group sites based on category.(2.)<copyright>notifies about copyrighted material.(3.)<image>allows an image to be displayed when aggregators present a feed The<image> element has 3 required child elements (1.)<url> defines the url to the image (2.)<title> defines the text to display if the image could not be shown. (3.)<link> defines the hyperlink to the website that offers the channel Example using image:<image><url></url><title>BBC.COM</title><link></link></image>.the <language> element makes it possible for rss aggregators to group sites based on language e.g <langage>...just try it out and you will find it simple.