Updating N70 3G TO UMTS

Updating N70 to UMTS firmware
Nemesis Service Suite Beta
Nokia Sofware Updater
CA-51 or DKU2 cable 3. Download the Nokia Sofware Updater from the Nokia Official Websites-here. Nokia Software Updater Choose your model of course N70. 5. After your phone is connected to your pc, starts the NSS. You can see theres a discovery icon at right top corner there. Click it to let NSS detect device information. After those information generated, click on phone info (which is the second icon from left). Key in the product code and check the enable checkbox. The product key varies depends on what kind of firmware you wish to update. 7. Follow the instructions given inside the NSU closely and do not touch the cable until whole update process is completed. After finishing the update, your phone now is N70 with UMTS. You would notice theres three options for network selection which is the Dual, GSM, and the newly added UMTS.below are the softwares you need 1NEMESISS 2 NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER Instructions:-
1. Connect your phone and wait for Windows to detecting it.
2. Open Nemesis Service Suite and click “Scan for new device” on the right-upper part of the window
3. Click on the icon “Phone info”
4. Click on “Scan”
5. Change the product code to “select from the list below” and mark the case “Enable”.
6. Press “Write”, and your phone’s product code will be changed (you might think that nothing happened, because the phone is still in normal mode, and the changing of the product code only takes a couple of seconds