Etisalat Internet Bundle Plan

am publishing it for the benefit of everybody who need etisalat internet bundle. Etisalat Internet Bundle
Plan for Mobile/Laptop/PC Data Bundle
Subscription Plans On
Etisalat ¤ Etisalat 10mb data bundle : this is a data package
designed for mobile users
it expires in 24hours the
moment you activate it,
to subscribe for etisalat 10mb, dial *229*3*1#
Etisalat 50mb data bundle : this is one of the newest
etisalat plan and it a great
package for both mobile
phone and pc users and it
expires in 24hours also.
to subscribe for the etisalat 50mb, dial *229*3*4# the Price for etisalat 50mb is
etisalat 100mb data bundle : this etisalat bundle expires in 30days, it is
suitable for mobile phone
to subscribe, dial *229*2*1# Price for etisalat 100mb is N1,000 ¤ Etisalat 500mb data package : this package expires in 30days and it is
both suitable for mobile
phone and pc users, price is N3,000 . To subscribe dial *229*2*2#
Etisalat 1.5Gb data bundle : this bundle is suitable for pc users and it
is valid for 30days. Price is N5,000 to subscribe dial *229*2*4#
Etisalat 3Gb data bundle : This etisalat plan is suitable for PC/Laptop
and it is valid only for 30
to subscribe, dial *229*2*3# the price for this etisalat 3GB bundle is N6,500 ¤ Etisalat 6Gb data bundle : This etisalat bundle is suitable for
Laptop/PC users, and it is
valid for 30days period,
the price for this etisalat
6GB is N8,000 to subscribe dial *229*2*5# ¤ Etisalat weekend package : This etisalat package is for
weekend only, which
means this package is only
effective on friday,
and sunday, to subscribe, dial *229*3*3# the price for etisalat weekend plan is
N5,000. I hope everyone
find this simple and easy to
subscribe to.

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