How To Download .jar File Using Opera4.2 or opera4.4

Have you being trying to download java files with your operamini and you just cant??
This post is just what you need to download any java files with your opera mini

Note this step is very simple and can be done in secs.

But firstly you will need xplore or file xplore to extract it after download

click here to xplore

But for filexplore you can sure google that out.

Ok now lets go:

1st add this url to your opera bookmark :

Note that site is not an english site but not to worry,just follow my steps and you good to go.

Now Whenever you want to download any .jar file, using your opera4.2 or opera4.4
click on the file you want to download then a page will show comprising of the file name and size,
For example:

thats what is going to be on the page,
now press #7
then copy the file url
now open the bookmark you added
then paste the url into the box where you have http://
just paste your url there,the page will reload,after reloading now click the link below the box you pasted the url.

Now you can now download any jar file,after downloading in zip file,open your xplore or filexplore,locate the file you downloaded and extract,now you have your java file,you can now instail

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