Glomobile Free Mobile Internet Browsing

in this post i will be posting on how to make use of free internet access on your Glo mobile network, that
is how you can access free
internet on your mobile using
some specific applications
(Opera Mini, Ucweb etc).
Unlike the previous post on
browsing free , where you can browse with every applications or any service on your mobile
that requires internet access, In this case we are only going to tweak the network to work with some of our applications, i
will be talking mainly on the
Opera mini browser, and also
add some other application
settings as updates later.
How Do I Get Free Internet,
(How To browse free) ?
Create a new internet
connection or edit you existing
APN: glosecure
Username and Password: gprs
PORT: 80
If you are using a s40 phone
simply create a prov file at
then send it
to your mobile,After you'v gotten the settings
right, then activate the prov you sent to your phone for all apps,now move to your opera mini ( You can download one at
if you
dont have one). after that
insert this

or if what you downloaded was opera6.5handler just open it and click on handlersettings then scrol down at the proxy type select http and insart at the proxy server

After that, you are done!, This settings downloads and surfs very fast and requires no additional network settings apart from the one stated above.

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