How to Create / Sign up For A Yahoo Account Using Your mobile Phone or Operamini

I was once a novice on how to create a yahoomail account using my mobile operamini,i used to try all i could just to register for an account using my mobile opera,without any doubt, am sure there are some out there still striving hard to register/create a yahoo account using mobile opera,so i thought it wise to help you out with this post just read carefully its just some few things you missing

without much talk lets begin:
1) open your operamini
2)click on enter addres
3) now input this
pls note:its https and not http so pls dont make any mistake,now click on go to load the page.

click here to Sign Up
You will be given the full yahoo version,meaning the pc version,now navigate to the left where you will find the link to SIGN UP or create an account,now click on SIGN UP and fill the registration form

Good luck to you all.
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