Latest etisalat mobile cheat with operamini and ucweb also use with any handler apps,shmessager,mozat,ebuddy e.t.c

first i must say sorry to all my followers,am so sorry for the late update,i was just to busy but you should know i cant forget about you guiz.....

Ok lets roll

Java user pls get urself a prov file of the below settings at

Ip :
Port : 8080
Username / psswd : web or leave blank
Apn : etisalat

Now save

Opera cheat or tweak
Open any of your handler operamini,select http and input at the proxy and enjoy

Now for ucweb,shmessanger,ebuddy,mozat or any handler apps

open the app and select http,and input at the proxy server,also u can mark remove port from and start enjoying all your handler apps

Pls dont forget to say thanks and share with you frnds.