How to get an Acceptable Visa card right here in Nigeria

How To Get the UBA AfriCard

Wondering how I got my Africard within 1 day? Well, I walked in to the nearby UBA branch office and told the lady at the Customer Care desk that I need the UBA Africard. He asked me of the ID card I have and I told him that I have a VALID driver?s license. He also asked me if I have N1000 with me and I told him I have it. he also asked if I have Passport Photograph , I answered sharperly "yes".

He then gave me two forms to fill, in which I filled in my Personal details and the details of my ID (My driver?s license). Inside the form, you will see an option asking you if want a Non-personalized or a personalized one. The personalized one comes with your name embossed on the card while the generic one doesn?t. I personally went for the the non personalized one because I didn?t want to wait for extra days before I get my card.

I returned the form to him and waited for the processing. After processing it, he gave me a teller, told me to fill it and took it to the cashier, together with my 1000naira notes. After depositing the 1000naira, I went back to the Customer care rep and the guy told me to wait a little more so I can get my card.

After some few minutes, the Visa prepaid card was issued to me. I changed the pin there in the bank ATM . I was even surprised they left N400 in the card. That simply means N600 was deducted to process the card as at the time I received mine.

I can now run more campaigns on Facebook, Google and even shop online at I have also successfully used the card at and many other site


1. You can also use your International passport as means of Identity as alternative to the Driver's license.
2. You can withdraw funds from ATM machines with this Visa card.
3 It is NOT COMPULSORY you have a bank account with UBA bank for you to get the Prepaid Visa Card.

You can check out the features and benefits of UBA Africard here

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