PowerDVD Ultra v 12.0.1620.54 + KEY

The company has released a new version of CyberLink Universal media player PowerDVD 12, which, according to the manufacturer, is able to play media files in any format from any source. The application can also be used for listening to audio files from a digital music library, in addition, allows you to view photos in
slide show mode. Its main advantages include high image quality, user-friendly interface with skins and good adjustability. In addition to watching movies on a CD-ROM drive (DVD and Video CD), PowerDVD allows you to play files formats supported by Windows Media Player, and MPEG1 and MPEG2.

The program also has the functions of frame capture file formats including BMP, repeat station records, adjust the display settings, remembering when to stop the mouse scroll wheel support and many other features. With Movie Collection, you can create your own catalog your movie collection, holding reviews, personal notes, information on the cover of the film, as well as share these data with other users through the service MoovieLive.

Version of PowerDVD offers the attention of users of new and improved features. Supported file formats now include media MKV (H.264), FLV (H.264), WTV, 3GP and 3G2. Members who are not used to store multimedia content on the PC hard disk, will appreciate the ability to stream data from the server DLNA. This new functionality ensures the availability of data on the devices, Apple and Android. Special mention deserves the closer integration of the product with the popular media portals and social networks. For example, users can view videos from YouTube, as well as to study the pictures in the galleries of Facebook and Flickr directly from the application interface.

Advanced technology TrueTheater 3D, first introduced in the version of PowerDVD 10, will provide a more efficient conversion of standard video files on DVD media and Blu-Ray in their three-dimensional version. New tools are available to import and display stereoscopic images. Users will be able to apply the 3D-effects to the pictures from the personal collection, and create three-dimensional slide shows.

Version of PowerDVD supports hardware decoding of video using the advanced development of the companies Intel, AMD and Nvidia, thus allowing to significantly reduce the load on the CPU. A technology support HDMI 1.4, DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD guarantees high quality sound.

By the way, now you can control the player functions not only through the usual mouse and keyboard. A pair of new applications that are included in the package PowerDVD, will be used as a remote control device the iPhone and iPad or smartphone based on Android.

Like earlier versions, the new product PowerDVD is available in three different editions (Standard, Deluxe and Ultra), adapted to the specific needs of users. Ultra Edition contains all of the above and many other features. In the Deluxe version does not support Blu-Ray and AVCREC / AVCHD. Finally, the trimmed edition of Standard 3D-functionality does not support DLNA and client applications for the iPhone / Android, turn a phone into a remote control (however, these applications are available as add-ons).

CyberLink PowerDVD - one of the most high-quality software DVD-Video, Blu-ray (vkyuchaya Blu-ray 3D), AVCHD, Video CD players. Its main advantages include high image quality, user-friendly interface with skins and good adjustability. In addition to watching movies on a CD-ROM drive, PowerDVD lets you play almost all the most popular formats, including MKV (H.264), FLV (H.264), WTV, 3GP, and 3G2, and view TV shows.

? High image quality DVD movies
? Support for HD DVD and Blu-ray format
? A large number of settings
? User-friendly, thoughtful and easy to use interface
? The Zoom image playback video
? Continuous playback of the selected scene
? Install markers to quickly find the desired scene
? Remember when to stop viewing
? Simultaneous display subtitles in two languages
? The ability to convert video format (16:9 or 4:3)
? Capture frames of a movie in formats BMP, PNG, JPG and GIF
? Use different surround modes
? Playing the majority of HD video formats (MPEG-4 AVC (H.264), MPEG-2 HD, WMV-HD, and SMPTE VC-1)
? New support for HDMI 1.3
? Assessment of your films
? And much more

PowerDVD offers the following new features:
? Technology TrueTheater to increase the image quality from standard DVD discs to a level comparable to HD. It also enables a stretching video without distortion, a smooth and increase the brightness of the image;
? Cinema Mode allows you to view Blu-ray discs using Windows Media Center, and provides a conclusion navigation menu and information about the film on the external screen;
? FancyView allows you to contribute to the library (Movie Collection) not only DVD discs, but also their sections. Besides this navigation tool supports not only the mouse and keyboard, but also remote controls and touch screens;
? Movie Library invites users to enter information about the Blu-ray Disc and DVD, and synchronize it with the site moovielive.com;
? Support for high quality audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master Audio 7.1 for multi-channel speaker systems, as well as compatibility with HDMI 1.3;
? The ability to play Blu-ray discs even in entry-level configurations.

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