Make MTN Free Call and Let The Receiver Pay With MTN Collect Plus

 hmmmm..well lets go....some say It is not a doubt that MTN is one of the networks that provides users with reliable service.  When it comes to calling, sending text and internet browsing, they are there.

Recently, MTN introduced a platform called MTN Collect Plus, which allow users call their love ones for
free and the receiver pays for receiving call. This platform is also known as TRUE LOVE PAYS.
Imagine trying to reach a friend, relative or family member and you don’t have credit on your phone, you can easily make use of this platform and the receiver pays upon receiving your call.
How to get started
For Call
1. Before you making your call, dial *141*receiver’s number #
e.g. *141*08032000000# and then send

2. Your receiver gets a network notification
3. And receiver pays for the call, if accept he/she accepts


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