Solution to Bandwidth Limit exceeded on Droidvpn | how to use DroidVPN unlimitedly without upgrading

Manipulating DROIDVPN 100mb Data Limitation

gett more Dan one email..and
sign up with all of dem for droid VPN Acc.

now why using anyone of the acct take note of Ur data usage
(bookmark Ur DVPN Acc on opera or any browser. try refreshing to make sure u don't use up to exactly 100mb)

maybe wen your usage is about  95 to 98mb (just make sure
its not up to 100mb)goto Ur droidvpn app info Clear the app data/cache

get back to your droid VPN and sign in with anoda email

Then continue the that for each email....

(if u dare use up to 100mb with any email. Then you are done for the day.till after 24hrs...if u like re-install won't connect till after 24hr))

Enjoy and don't forget to say thanks and bookmark this blog for more info.