Get mtn 1gb for #600, 2gb for #1200, 3gb for #1800 and much more

You read right, the mtn 1gb for #600 is another new cheapest data bundle, mtn 1gb for #600 is a package rebranded for resellers, am sure you aware of the fact that there was a time we sold mtn 1gig for #1200, well its almost the same but this time you get mtn data bundle at a more cheaper price.

Interestingly the mtn 1gb for #600 valid for 30days and all other plans along side it. Mtn 1gb for #600 is however very legit, 100% guarantee and works smoothly on all devices.
A quick break down of the new mtn cheapest data plan



1gb 600 bank or 700 airtime
2gb 1200 bank or 1300 airtime
3gb 1800 bank or 1900 airtime 

There you have it, you can pay for the data bundle either via bank or via airtime. Another interesting thing is, you get your data 3mins immediately after payment, like I said, it is very legit.
You can contact on call or Whatsapp 08068212790 for more information!!