Use this GLO Free Browsing Cheat with Psiphon and Syphon shield VPN

Well we sure cant tell your how long this latest glo free browsing cheat will last but if i were you i quickly will grab my sim and start to surf the glo latest browsing cheat, when was the last time you actually came across any free browsing cheat of tweak?

back to the topic, this post will enlighten you on how to browse free and unlimited on glo network using psiphon handler, the latest glo free browsing cheat however works great if your location is such that enjoys a better network coverage otherwise this cheat isn't for you.  so before we begin i will advice you  download latest psiphon handler pro from the download link provided below.
Glo free browsing

Psiphon handler and syphon shield VPN settings for glo unlimited free browsing.

 download and install psiphon pro lite on your android device , make use of gloflat as APN

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 latest glo free browsing

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better still see the screenshot below

 latest glo free browsing

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-after which go back and click on connect, you should get something as seen in the screenshot below

 latest glo free browsing

after which connect and start surfing and downloading unlimitedly.