Infinix Note 2 Lte (H533 B1, X600 ) Stock ROM Download link

You are definitely at the right post if you are looking for infinix Note 2 LTE (H533 B1 X600 ) Stock rom which is the surest way to restore your device back to factory default, back to how the company actually produced it or should i say to its original form if there's anything like that.

As you all know, we provide you links to different rom for your device but then we aint the developer of such rom, today we will be giving you infinix note X600 stock rom download link and how to flash it withing few sec.

You might be wondering, why do i need to download or flash infinix note 2 lte stock rom when i have the new XOS V.2.0, well let me help you out there, despite the company made several updates available for its note 2 users, most people still feels they are just not good enough.

How to flash infinix note 2 lte stock rom

But more importantly and quite unfortunate for some, while they were trying to flash some of this roms they ended up bricking their devices either by not carefully following the instructions strictly or by flashing a wrong rom, so today if by chance you fall into any of this categories, this post is definitely for you

How to flash official infinix note lte stock rom and also Stock ROM download link for infinix X600. well i would rather advice you kindly and strictly follow this tutorial carefully.

Disclaimer; this site and its developers are not responsible if you should brick your phone in the process, ensure you are conversant with flashing custom roms and also using SP flash tool before carrying out this process

Requirements to flash infinix X600 stock rom

How To Flash Official Infinix Note 2 Lte X600 Stock ROM

infinix note 2 stock rom

See download link for the stock rom below and dont forget to drop your comment

Download the official stock ROM X600-H533-A1-M-20160720V17
Download the official  stock ROM X600-H533-B1-20160720V17

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