Get Etisalat Free 10Gb 5GB And 200MB With Etisalat USB Modem

A wonderful morning to you, the Arab Network etisalat is giving free 10Gb, 5GB And 200MB when you purchase any of their new USB Modem or MiFi, they decided to follow suite on airtel 20gb for N200 but this time with a clause attached to theirs.

The etisalat free 10gb is only for any of its subscribers who purchase their new modem or wifi, am not sure it applies for existing users of this devices.

It will interest you to note that the free 10gb data from etisalat is valid for 30days, and am sure IMEI tweakers are already mouth open to see if they can get their hands on this, well am sorry to disappoint you fellas it ain't happening this time around.

Etisalat Free 10Gb

why don't we then move straight to how you can get this free etisalat data, even without having to repeat the words again, by now you should have gotten the drill, but for benefit of everyone we will re-frame.

How to Get Etisalat Free 10Gb, 5GB And 200MB With Etisalat USB Modem or MiFi

All You need do is to walk straight into any Etisalat outlet and purchase one or two of the new USB Modem or MiFi, thereafter you then need to Activate it.

After which Etisalat will then offer you free data that is available for the device you bought., pls note that 200MB goes for the USB Modem, while 5GB for 21MBPS MiFi and lastly 10GB for 42MBPS MiFi all valid for 30 days.

How is that saying that nothing actually comes free, imagine just 200mb for its USB modem, However Auto-renewal & Data Roll over does not apply to this free data.. so over to you friends, between who needs a modem in this age where wifi has taken over completely from it.. well maybe you do..